Electrical Vehicle Protection
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Electrical Vehicle Protection Services in Waterford Township MI

Welcome to the realm of pristine perfection for your brand-new electric ride! At Prestige Protective Films, we’re your trusted partner in ensuring your Electrical Vehicle Protection Services in Waterford Township MI flawlessly immaculate – even better than the day you drove it home. Whether you ride in a Tesla, Rivian, Lucid Air, Porsche Taycan, Audi RS e-Tron GT, Mercedes Benz EQS/EQB Class, BMW i4, Hummer EV, or any other awe-inspiring electric marvel, our passion matches yours, and we’re committed to preserving your EV’s splendor.

With Electrical Vehicle Protection Services in Waterford Township MI leading the charge towards the automotive future, we’re here to propel you forward and keep your ride at the forefront. Embrace the cutting-edge with our top-notch paint protection services, and experience the thrill of EV ownership without worry. Together, let’s embrace the electrifying road ahead!

Perks of Our Services

When you’ve invested in a premium vehicle, ensuring it remains safeguarded from everyday wear and tear, road debris, rock chips, scratches, and more is important. At Prestige Protective Films, we offer an extensive range of paint protection solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your electric vehicle. Our offerings include advanced paint protection film, state-of-the-art ceramic coatings, stylish tint options, exclusive vinyl wraps, and much more.

Shield Your EV, Drive with Confidence

Prestige Protective Films stands out as an industry leader, not just because we use top-tier materials, products, and tools but also due to our commitment to excellence. This dedication ensures our studio continually evolves and sets the standard in the automotive industry. Our combination of technical expertise and genuine passion for our work has earned us recognition as a highly-rated studio for all vehicles, including electric ones.

Paint Protection Film For EVs

Paint protection films offer unrivaled durability and enduring protection when applied to high-wear areas like bumpers, fenders, rocker panels, and hoods or spanning the entirety of your EV.
Ceramic Coatings For EVs
Formulated with nano-ceramic technology, XPEL FUSION high-end ceramic coatings form a glassy, resilient barrier safeguarding your EV against minor scratches, bug splatters, acid rain, and even water.
Window Tints For EVs
Prestige Protective Films provides premium quality XPEL ceramic and standard tint film options that deliver outstanding solar heat rejection, UV protection, increased privacy, and security without hindering signal transmission.
Enhanced gloss with ceramic coating
Have you heard the latest update? XPEL has just been chosen as the sole supplier to Rivian Automotive LLC for their brand-new paint protection film (“PPF”) factory direct program. This exciting development allows customers to select from two PPF option packages: the Front Gloss Paint Guard or the Full Body Satin Paint Guard. For additional details, you can find more information by following the link to read the full announcement from XPEL.